Charlotte Merzbacher ’19Chair

The Academic Affairs Committee focuses on a broad range of issues that pinpoint ways for Brown students to best engage with their curriculum. This translates to a committee emphasis on, but definitely not limited to, initiatives that improve and innovate Brown advising, social engagement within the curriculum, diversity in the classroom, in course offerings, and in interdisciplinary opportunities. Our committee works closely with the Dean of the College’s Office, The Meiklejohns, the Curricular Resource Center and more to ensure that students have (and are aware of) all the resources they need to take advantage of all that Brown’s academic life has to offer.

The Academic Affairs Committee meets on Mondays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in Wilson 204.

Some of the projects Academic Affairs has worked on this past year: 

  • Compiling and publishing a list of pre-concentration advising resources for underclassmen in every department
  • Working with the Dean of the College's office to provide additional advising resources to rising sophomores earlier in the academic year
  • Creating ad hoc and institutional mechanisms for students to provide feedback on their individual advising experiences
  • Facilitating conversations between peer advising groups on campus to create a more cohesive peer advising experience for all students
  • Continuing our efforts to increase voter registration and engagement on Brown's campus through our partnership with TurboVote