About Appointments


University committees are INTEGRAL to student representation.

But what are these committees?

The Brown administration and the UCS collaborate to create and maintain external committees and boards which have an active role in governance at Brown. these committees are considered University-level meaning that they have impact across the University as opposed to department specific committees which are limited to work within their own departments.

Undergraduates may join these committees through appointment from the UCS. Appointments are handled by the UCS Appointments Chair. Committees and boards generally fall into one of four categories:

  1. Policy creating committees

  2. Advisory committees

  3. Oversight boards

  4. Conduct review boards.

Policy Creating Committee representatives directly vote and create policy.

Advisory Committees directly provide feedback, share student experiences, and may make recommendations to relevant high-level administrators.

Oversight boards survey the implementation of policy and release reports regarding the progress the University makes in different fields.

Conduct review boards make decisions in hearings regarding violations of Brown’s policies and community standards.

To learn more about the specific committees or to see a full list of the committees please visit our current committees page.