Where to Start

As the spring semester gets underway, UFB will send an email to any financial signatory whose name appears on BearSync reminding them about Annual Budgeting. Our email will contain essential information about the process and critical deadlines.

Making a Budget

We encourage you to your group's previous annual budgets in Bearsync. It is also mandatory that you meet with your UFB representative prior to submitting the Annual Budget, and we ask that you prepare a preliminary budget prior to meeting in person.

A budget is composed of line items, each representing a single expenditure.  For every item, we expect a thorough and detailed breakdown.  Quotes need to be included. If the amount you are requesting this year exceeds 120% of what was allocated last year, then we ask that you write a one-page explanation to justify the increase. Additionally, if you did not use a substantial portion of your annual budget allocated by UFB and plan on requesting the same amount, we ask you to write an explanation to justify the continued need for this funding.

What is Baseline?

All Category S and III groups receive baseline, if they choose to opt-in by emailing their rep. Baseline currently amounts to $200 per semester. Baseline is not subject to UFB's policies and may be used for items that UFB would not typically fund (i.e. Group t-shirts, etc.).

Please submit the budget on BearSync.