For questions, please check the categorization breakdown page or email

Step 1. Draft group constitutionClick here for a sample constitution. The constitution should include the following:

  • Name of the organization

  • Statement of purpose: include nature of departmental, administrative, legal, religious, political, or financial affiliations without which the organization would not exist

  • Description of membership: must include 1) verbatim the non-discrimination statement on the sample constitution, and 2) a statement requiring majority membership consisting of full-time undergraduate Brown students

  • Description of structure of leadership: officers must be currently enrolled full-time undergraduate Brown students.

  • Election of Officers (where applicable)

  • Organizational financial responsibilities

  • Description of duties of official advisor (where applicable)

  • Amendment procedure: must include verbatim the UCS amendment statement written in the above sample constitution format

  • Member Dismissal: refer to template constitution (above) for sample language and change based on student group needs

  • The Category’s required number of member signatures: members must be currently enrolled full time undergraduate Brown students

Step 2. Obtain at least 10 member signatures

Please include members’ full name, class year, and email on the signature sheet

Step 3. Complete the categorization application: attach constitution and member signatures when submitting completed app. You can access the new student group categorization application by going to BearSync, clicking on "Browse Organizations" and then "Register New Organization," or you can use this link after the application opens.

Note: The BearSync application does not save your work. We suggest that you draft your answers in a separate document before submitting them to BearSync. 

Step 4. Submit your application and meet with assigned UCS Student Activities Committee Representative: SA reps (below) are a resource to help you with the application process and answer any questions. After setting up a meeting time, submit your completed application and constitution. 

Applications are considered incomplete if the group leader does not meet with a SA rep!

**2018-2019 SA Representatives TBD. For any questions, please contact the new SA Chair, Alex Song. (

2017-2018 SA Representatives

IMPORTANT: SA Reps must be contacted at least a week before the application deadline to set up a meeting. Applications are considered incomplete if the group leader does not meet with a SA rep!

William Zhou
Student Activities Chair

Morgan Awner & Alex Song
Academic and Professional

Kathryn Stack
Campus Resources and Recreational

Dhruv Singh
Gender and Sexuality

Jason Carroll
Political and Social Action

Katherine Barry
Residential and Greek

Sarah Wang
Arts and Performance

Katherine Barry
Cultural and Ethnic

Rainy Duan
Media and Publications

Mary Stack
Religious and Spirituality

Elizabeth Wang


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Groups will be notified of their decisions after being reviewed and approved by both the UCS Student Activities Committee and UCS General Body. This process usually takes several weeks so submit as soon as possible to hear back earlier.  


Appeals should be submitted to within 7 days of the date when the original decision is sent out. It must include a written request and reasons for the appeal. The group will have a hearing with the UCS Student Activities Committee within 14 days after the appeal is received.