Below are a list of ideas for how to implement a fundraising mechanism for your student group (these are by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point):

  • Require a membership fee for access to more resources within the student group (In certain groups, each member must pay a semester fee to join)
  • Host a campus sale (ex. Sell bubble tea - buy in bulk and resell on campus; sell merchandise - design and sell T-Shirts, Sweaters, Hats, Sunglasses etc. with your group logo on them; Sell baked goods; Seek donations to sell on campus or offer as raffle prizes, etc)
  • Host a conference or event and charge an entrance fee (Another source of fundraising through a conference or event would be finding outside sponsors...A sponsorship kit could draw in corporate/outside sponsors. What this entails is information for what the student group does, and how the potential sponsor can benefit from this partnership. Think -- What kind of perks or benefits can your student group offer these sponsors?)
  • Host an on or off campus social event (Charge an entrance fee to a (themed) party to raise money for your group)
  • Host a fundraising event through nearby venues (ex. Chipotle, Ben & Jerry’s, etc...Chipotle often offers groups or organizations to receive a percentage of all revenues on a given night)
  • Fundraise with alumni (read more here)
  • Reach out to campus centers and departments (Certain campus centers and departments may have specific initiatives that align with your group’s interests and would be willing to contribute to your group)
  • Host shows (ie talent shows or events that bring people who donate to meet the people that the group helps)
  • Offer classes (ex. Zumba, yoga, knitting, etc) and use the proceeds for the group and its activities