1. Continue working towards a technical process for name changes in Brown’s back-end systems, which would allow students to more easily navigate campus with lived names

    • This also addresses concerns related to class rosters, the Mail Room, and all-campus communications

  2. Expand gender inclusive bathrooms to all buildings on campus, beginning with high traffic spaces such as the Main Green and libraries.

    • Develop standard labeling and signage to indicate their locations

    • Offer sanitary waste disposal bins to discard pads, tampons, and other necessary supplies in all male-designated bathrooms

  3. Retool Title IX training for faculty and staff to cover gender identity, and offer additional faculty programming through the Sheridan Center

  4. Increase funding for the LGBTQ Center, acknowledging the need for increased professional and student staff

  5. There is high need for an additional hire that would work dual roles in the LGBTQ Center and as a confidential resource

    • These hires should be made recognizing the specific needs for trans staff members and staff members of color

  6. Prioritize larger space for the LGBTQ Center

  7. Increased LGBTQIA+ trainings for health services employees

  8. The creation of an LGBTQIA+ specific mentoring program for life after Brown

  9. Within Brown’s Diversity Action Plan, particular attention should be placed on hiring trans faculty of color as well as LGBTQIA+ faculty in STEM

  10. Offer resources speaking to LGBTQIA+ identities in study abroad destinations