Mental Health Community Council (MHCC) Charge

Brown University is committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of our undergraduate, graduate, and medical students.  The Division of Campus Life and Student Services, through University Health Services (UHS), Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS), and the Office of Student Life (OSL), offers support, crisis intervention, counseling, evaluation, and referrals for mental health issues and outreach to the Brown community.  We strive to provide timely, caring, and effective support and counseling that reflects Brown’s educational philosophy and the context of students’ lives.

The Mental Health Community Council will include professionals with expertise in mental health and health care, who are not employed by the Division of Campus Life and Student Services, and who will provide independent advice on Brown's policies and practices to ensure that they are informed by the most current research and follow best practices. The Community Council will also include the directors of CAPS, UHS, SEAS, and OSL, two undergraduates, one graduate student, and one medical student. The Council will report at least three times per year to the Vice President for Campus Life.

The Mental Health Community Council will provide advice on a range of issues including: (1) the quantity, quality, and coordination of mental health care provided by Brown's network of mental health services, including our partnerships with community providers; (2) the quality of care for our diverse community of students; (3) the effectiveness of policies for mental health care, including medical leave processes; and (4) education, training, and prevention programs on mental health provided to students, faculty, staff, and parents.

Each year, the MHCC will focus on a specific set of issues determined by the Vice President of Campus Life. In 2014-2015 the Council will be asked to:

  1. Review the process for referrals to community providers to ensure that students receive high-quality, well-coordinated care when they transition to community providers.
  2. Evaluate Brown's success in supporting the needs of a diverse community
  3. Assess Brown's policies for medical leaves, readmission, and appeals.
  4. Make recommendations on best practices for suicide prevention programs.

The MHCC may also advise the Vice President on topics and programs for educating the Brown community on mental health issues which could include sponsoring lectures and symposia.

Applications to serve on the Mental Health Community Council are now closed.