Read UFB's funding policies here before making any requests. UFB meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM in New Dorm A, 116E to review supplemental budgets (first come first serve). Please be present at 8 PM--student groups that arrive afterwards may be asked to come to a following meeting.

To submit a supplemental budget, groups must:

  1. Meet with their representative to review the budget
  2. Contact their representative AND to notify which date they will present their budget
  3. Come to a UFB meeting to present (no later than 3 days before the funding is needed)

General Supplemental Budget Request Process

Last revised: 2018-01-11

***UFB does not fund retroactively, which means if your group has already paid, UFB unfortunately cannot fund it.***

  1. Plan the event out and record how much money you need to carry out the event.

    1. List the cost of every single line item
    2. Upload a screenshot or link to the BearSync budget request where the board can verify the price of the item
    3. UFB only funds to the minimum, so please find the cheapest option available (Ex: Paper plates rather than glass plates)
  2. Talk to your UFB representative and show them your plan

    1. You can reach them through their email. The financial signatory listed on BearSync should have gotten an email from the rep, but it is also listed on the website here.
    2. After either meeting in person or touching base over email, make the necessary revisions and note the comments/questions from your rep
    3. Your rep is here to help you! It is most efficient for everyone when a financial signatory and rep are in touch.
  3. Submit a budget request to BearSync

    1. Make sure to list every line item
    2. Explain the event and the importance of each line item
    3. If your request is a capital improvement, make sure an updated inventory is uploaded to your group’s page. Here is a standard inventory sheet (groups often adapt slightly to meet their needs).
  4. If the request is over $500, come into the supplemental funding meetings at 8pm on Tuesday/Thursday

    1. Otherwise if the request is under $500 email and CC your rep saying you submitted a request
    2. Make sure to submit the request at least 3 meetings before the funding is required, so the funds get distributed in time to pay for the event
  5. If the request is approved, go to the SAO office to collect your funds (email Donna Hustler at to check in first, then go into the office, which is on the second floor of Faunce during business hours)

  6. If the request is not approved, check the comments section of your budget request for comments from the board

    1. Talk with your rep if you have any questions on the decision
    2. Make the necessary changes and come in for an appeal


  1. Things to keep in mind when you’re submitting a budget request for travel
    1. Please do this as early as possible, from the date of the trip. This is to reduce the cost of the transportation
    2. UFB can choose to fund a maximum of $500 a person for transportation up to 5 people
    3. The expectation is still that the request is for the cheapest method of transportation
      1. Ex: Don’t take an uber to Boston, when you can take the MBTA
      2. UFB will verify if the tickets are cheapest possible
  2. Be ready to explain
    1. Why this is the method you want to travel by
    2. The schedule you have to meet
      1. Event schedules, class schedules
    3. Why you need to transport more than 5 people

Honorariums [Negotiation Guide here]

  1. Things to keep in mind when requesting an honorarium
    1. Did you negotiate the price?
      1. UFB requires proof of a negotiation
        1. Please upload a screenshot of the email thread with the request
      2. If you need help negotiating, speak with your UFB rep for tips and tricks
        1. Common trick: Never offer the first price. If they ask you for the price, ask the person if they can come for free
      3. Never give someone money because they were paid that amount the last time they came to speak at Brown
      4. Never give someone money if they didn’t ask for it
  2. Keep track of all the costs
    1. If the person wants transportation as part of the honorarium, list it out on your request
      1. Make sure that their transportation is the cheapest possible for their schedule
    2. UFB does not fund per diems(daily expenses like food)
  3. Be ready to
    1. Justify the speaker at the price point
      1. If the price is too high (determined at UFB’s discretion in context), UFB will ask for the organization to look at other sources of funding, such as fundraising, to subsidize the cost
    2. Explain the negotiations


  1. Things to keep in mind
    1. Is this food integral to the event?
      1. Ex: Mooncakes for the Autumn Festival are integral since this has cultural significance to the event
      2. Ex: Finger food for a dance is not integral because the event can continue without it
      3. Having food to attract people to the event is not considered integral
  2. Order food from a Brown first vendor
    1. Exception is if none of the Brown first vendors have the selection of food necessary for the event
  3. Does the amount of food correspond to the amount of people expected to come to the event
  4. Be ready to
    1. Explain how food is integral to the event
    2. Give an estimation for the number of people expected to attend the event
      1. Also a sign-up sheet would be helpful

UFB Meeting

Once you have gone through these steps of preparing a budget request, meeting with your rep, and submitting the request on BearSync, come in to a UFB meeting (Tuesdays and Thursdays in New Dorm A, 116E at 8PM--first come, first serve). The format of the meeting includes: introductions of UFB and attendees (you!), budget presentations (your rep can explain this when you meet to go over the budget request) per financial signatory, and questions from the board. All funding decisions will be posted in BearSync by midnight after your group presents. If you have any questions about the decision, please reach out to your rep. Don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions. See you there!