Please fill out this form if you are either an:

  1. Existing student group under the Swearer Center, the Graduate School, or a Department looking to become UCS categorized. (Approved Swearer Center Groups will become Category S. Approved Grad School Groups will become category 1. Approved department groups will become category 3). Grad School groups should only apply if more than half of their club members are undergraduates

  2. Category S groups that want to be Category 1, 2, or 3 (determined by circumstance).

  3. Club that have been inactive but looking to start up again. (Re-Activated clubs should apply for one level below their previous categorization status)

For questions, please check the categorization breakdown page or email

Step 1.  Log-in to BearSync and navigate to your organization's portal (click "My Memberships" and select your group's page). Note: The transfer/re-activation form is different from the new student group form.

Step 2. Click on the "Forms" tab in the horizontal menu bar.

Step 3. Collect member signatures. Please include each member’s full name, signature, class year, and email on the signature sheet

  • You’ll need at least 10 signatures for Category S

  • You’ll need at least 15 signatures for Category II and III groups

Step 4. Complete the Transfer/Re-activation form

Note: The BearSync application does not save your work. We suggest that you draft your answers in a separate document before submitting them to BearSync.

Step 5. Email constitution and membership roster to your organization type's corresponding SA representative (below) and set up a meeting time.

Step 6. Submit your application before meeting with assigned UCS Student Activities Committee Representative: SA reps are a resource to help you with the application process and answer any questions.

Applications are considered incomplete if the group leader does not meet with a SA rep! 

*Important Note. In Spring 2016, The Campus of Consent Bill was passed unanimously by UCS and endorsed by over 100 student groups. Starting Spring 2018, the bill will aim to help tackle rape culture and sexual assault at Brown by requiring all category III student groups to have a liaison annually trained by the Sexual Assault Peer Education Program (SAPE).

2019-2020 SA Representatives

IMPORTANT: Applicants must meet with their SA Rep before the application deadline date. Submitted applications will not be considered if the group does not meet with an SA Rep.

Alex Song
Student Activities Chair

Michael Chen
Arts and Performance

Caroline Cheng
Cultural and Ethnic

Alex Song
Media and Publications

Morgan Awner
Religious and Spirituality

Ricky Zhong

Harshini Venkatachalam
Academic and Professional

Alex Song
Campus Resources and Recreational

Alex Song
Gender and Sexuality

Suyash Kothari
Political and Social Action

Mary Stack
Residential and Greek


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Groups will be notified of their decisions after being reviewed and approved by the UCS Student Activities Committee, the UCS General Body, and the SAO. This process usually takes several weeks.  


Appeals should be submitted to within 7 days of the date when the original decision is sent out. It must include a written request and reasons for the appeal. The group will have a hearing with the UCS Student Activities Committee within 14 days after the appeal is received.

*Inactive Group: At the beginning of each Fall semester all student organizations must update their information on BearSync during roll call. By the end of roll call, clubs without updated information will be marked inactive and should contact the SAO to be re-activated.

Clubs that stay inactive for one school year will be removed from BearSync and will have to apply for re-activation if they wish to start up again. Re-activated clubs will start at one category level below their previous category status.